Dumplings, potstickers, and wontons

Dumplings are one of the best vehicles for food. They’re small, and full of flavor. There are so many ingredients you can use to fill them.

Gyoza wrappers are an easy way to make dumplings at home. You can find them at most larger stores, such as Fred Meyer, or at Asian grocery stores. They come in round, or square shapes. At stores in Seattle they usually look something like this.

From there, you’re free to fill them with just about anything.

When I want to make more of an Indian-spiced potsticker, I prepare a filling with red lentils or yellow split peas as the base. From there you can add spices and other flavor boosting ingredients. I like to mix frozen peas into the hot lentil mixture, along with garlic and curry powder. Last time I also added smoked serrano chili powder, parmesan cheese, and lemon zest to the mixture. This recipe is a variation of this golden potstickers recipe.

For a vegetarian wonton soup, it’s easy to bring the ingredients together. I like to think about what flavor I want to focus on. In the past I made a filling with finely diced tofu, vegetables, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sriracha. A similar recipe can be found here. This is great with a gingery vegetable broth, which you can make by simmering ginger slices in broth.

I also love a more mild wonton dish, like this plump pea dumpling recipe. Here the dumplings can be pan-fried and served over cooked yellow split peas, or cooked in no-chicken broth for wonton soup.

Gyoza wrappers aren’t limited to Asian dishes. You can make Italian ravioli and tortellini with them! In this butternut squash tortellini with brown butter sauce recipe the wrappers are used to envelope a creamy squash and ricotta cheese filling. They’re topped with a brown butter sauce containing fresh sage leaves, walnuts, parmesan, and dried cranberries.

Wonton wrappers can be used to hold just about any filling, and can be prepared in so many ways. They can even be used in desserts, such as in these Nutella banana gyoza dumplings. The options here are endless.


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